I’m back… thanks WordPress!

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s been three years since I’ve posted anything. Thank you WordPress for not deleting my little piece on the internet.

Although, I can’t say that I’ll update this with any regularity, I do enjoy documenting and reflecting on what I’ve made. It does make me sad that I haven’t made that chocolate silk pie since 2012 though.

Next up, I’ll be posting about a new chocolate chip recipe that I just finished making this morning. Yay!


Hello again!

I’ve determined that blogging is still fun.  I miss writing about baking, cooking, and just food in general.   Blogging shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun.  Thank you WordPress for not deleting this after 9+ months of inactivity!

New post coming up!  I got a new DSLR camera that takes some pretty pictures.  This evening, I made something super super yummy.   =)

Still nibbling…

Hola!  Will be blogging more soon!  Been doing some baking… some successes, then there are those “failures.”

What do I consider a failure?  IF it doesn’t taste good and it gets thrown away.  100% wasted ingredients, but then hopefully a learning experience.   Like my mom always says, “You just don’t know, until you try.”

More cookie recipes to discuss as well as Disney food discussions.  Will be going to the park soon, pending weather conditions.