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Random facts about me:

  • Has loved Disney since the day she was born.  (Avid fan of parks and movies.)
  • *NSYNC fan for life!  (So proud of it!)  JC fan  ♥
  • Favorite sports teams Padres and Chargers
  • Hates bees, flies, anything that buzzes
  • Loves kitchen gadgets and accessories
  • Past hobbies include: 101 Dalmatians (stuffed animals), Beanie Babies (Ty and Disney), Pogs, shells, stickers, and Barbies

I don’t remember the first time I made anything by myself, but I’ve always thought of myself as my mom’s sous-chef.

I remember asking for an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas, which I never received.  Instead I went from play doh to the real oven, under watchful supervision of course!

My duties first included: preparing the garlic bread (for spaghetti/lasagna dinners), breading (for fried items – flour, egg wash, bread crumbs), measuring out wet and dry ingredients, and setting the table.   Eventually I graduated into working with oil (frying), making cooking sauces, and completing a whole meal from start to finish.

In my free time, I enjoy baking more than cooking.  (Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite thing to make.)  The Food Network inspires me because of celebrity chefs Paula Dean, Guy Fieri, and Rachel Ray.

Most of my restaurant reviews are on Yelp, please visit

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