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Singapore Airlines – You’re okay!

November 15, 2011

I can’t believe it’s already November!  I feel like I was just filling out my New Year’s resolutions a few months ago!  (I guess I will have to carry that “to do” list over to 2012.)  Anyway, I was in the writing mood and felt like sharing what my meal was like heading over to Japan.

I never expect GREAT meals on airlines, because of terrible past experiences.   I mean, I’ve seen and tried some pretty gnarly airplane food that I would rather not go into detail at the moment, but Singapore Airlines surprised me in terms of quality.   I’ll let the picture do the talking:

The veggies were just steamed and the fish (no idea what kind it was) was based in a white sauce.  It had decent flavor, but lacked something… maybe some spice? Ugh… the roll was SO bad.  I don’t even know why they bothered to serve it!  Many rolls were discarded.

I anticipated for months what kind of food Singapore might serve, but I couldn’t find much in terms of pictures.    So, if you’re planning a trip from LAX to Narita… you might get something like this for dinner.

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