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new munchies at DCA! – Garden Grill

August 26, 2011

Finally had the opportunity to visit the new Garden Grill at Disney California Adventure on Sunday, August 21.  Generally speaking the reviews have been pretty positive online, so I figured it was time to give it a try.  If you didn’t know, this space previously was occupied by Burger Invasion aka McDonald’s.  Visitors most likely will remember this giant hamburger sticking out behind “Mulholland Madness.”

The concept is simple: pick a meat and pick a sauce.  I had the grilled steak with Moroccan chili sauce.  Initially I was like, what is this?  It looked like tomato sauce on my steak, but it had more flavor than your average marinara.

Garden Grill menu

The meat was tender and the sauce was unique, but my favorite part of the meal was actually the rice pilaf!  It’s hard to describe the pilaf, but it had lots of flavor! The cucumber salad was tasty as well.   The pita bread was pita bread.  Nothing to brag about there.

Like all theme park food, this place is overpriced.  I would take this place over a Disney hamburger any day.   APers, don’t forget to use your discount!

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