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Phil’s BBQ 8/14/10

August 15, 2010

This past weekend I finally had the opportunity to try one of San Diego’s highly acclaimed BBQ restaurants, Phil’s BBQ.

Located right next to the San Diego Sports Arena in a small strip mall stands Phil’s BBQ.  As soon as we turned into the driveway, the smell of BBQ greeted me.  (No, the car windows weren’t rolled down.  BBQ smell permeated the air and therefore your vehicle.  A good smell of course!)  At 5pm (what many people consider an early senior citizen’s dinner), the line was already long with at least 70 people ahead of me.

I waited over 40 minutes just to get inside the building!  (My butt hadn’t even grabbed a seat after 40 minutes.)  Anyway, while standing in line this long, you should know what to order when you get to the counter.  No excuses for hesitation and holding up the line.  Being the chicken lover that I am, I just had to get chicken… but ribs sounded good too.

I settled on “The Best of Both,” baby back ribs (4 ribs) and chicken dinner (1/4 of a chix) with 2 small sides (BBQ beans and coleslaw).   After ordering, the tricky part is finding a table.  My sister quickly nabbed a table close to the beverage display.  I grabbed the silverware, wet naps, and extra plates.  The waiting game began, after about 15 minutes we were buzzed to grab the food at the front.

Finally after about an hour, it was finally time to eat.  I went for the ribs first.  Absolutely delicious!  I love ribs that just fall of the bone.  Next I went for a chicken wing; very tasty as well.   Now my sides, the coleslaw and beans were kind of disappointing.  They weren’t BAD, but they just weren’t outstanding as I thought they should be.  The chicken wing was REALLY good, but the chicken breast was just so so.  I understand that the chicken breast tends to be one of the drier pieces, which made the breast just ehhh…

The real standout of my plate were the ribs!  If and when I go back to Phil’s, I’ll just be getting a plate of ribs.  These were just amazingly sweet, tender, juicy, and meaty!!!!

Expect a wait at Phils, maybe go for a late lunch or early dinner to avoid the crowds?

3750 Sports Arena Boulevard

San Diego, CA 92110

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