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Buttermilk Brownies

August 1, 2010

Sounds good, right?  Its been awhile since I have been terribly disappointed with a brand new recipe that I found online.  I figured that this recipe from Better Homes and Gardens should be “okay,” this is after all a reputable magazine, I was SO wrong!

I didn’t substitute anything, yes I even used REAL buttermilk!  I wish I took a picture of my version, but it really did look like the one they feature on the website.


  1. Moist cake
  2. Easy to make


  1. Not enough chocolaty flavor.  Even the frosting wasn’t that chocolaty, and I was using “Hershey’s” unsweetened cocoa.
  2. Heavy, not very light at all.  This stuff sinks do the bottom of your stomach.
  3. Grows mold quickly.

Until then I’ll have to stick to the Dunkin Hines for a good chocolate cake.

Click below if you would like to check out the recipe.

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