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McDonald’s Smoothies

July 25, 2010

Who doesn’t love free stuff?  Naturally when I received my free coupon to try either the Wild Berry or Strawberry Banana smoothie from McDonald’s I was like sure, why not?!?

I’m very proud to say that I’ve had my fair share of smoothies, since I was first introduced to Naked Juice 10 years ago by my sister who brought one home from UCSD.  After naked juice came Jamba Juice, ever since then I was hooked!

Anyway, getting back to McDonald’s I took my free 12 oz smoothie coupon in this morning and the strawberry banana.  I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth consistency and flavor, until this funky aftertaste hit the back of my throat.  It wasn’t a BAD aftertaste, it was just different.

I believe the 12 oz smoothie sells for around $2.79.  It’s not something that I would buy, because it’s just not that special.  I was slightly irked that I couldn’t really tell if it was REAL fruit.   The McCafe walls are too tall/bordered up to tell what’s really going on back there.

I strongly believe that Jamba Juice loyalists will stay loyal to Jamba Juice as good ol’ Mickey D’s just can’t compete in the already crowded smoothie market.

(BTW, I do have another free coupon, I’ll be reviewing the Wild Berry flavor next.

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