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The Cove Bar – DCA

October 4, 2009

The Cove Bar overlooks Paradise Bay, in the Paradise Pier area of Disney’s California Adventure. You’re supposed to be surrounded by water, but when I visited the bay was dry in preparation for 2010’s World of Color water show spectacular.

You don’t have to order an alcoholic beverage to eat at the Cove Bar.  Son’t look for it listed on the park map, because it isn’t listed.  So head towards Ariel’s Grotto and hang a left through the open double doors and then you’re there!   Seat yourself and someone will be there to take your order. The menu is limited, so it shouldn’t take a long time to decide.

What I ate on this trip…
Lobster Nachos
Yummmy! These were SO good, and as you can tell by the picture there was A LOT! Surprisingly, they were very generous with the lobster, cheeses, and tomatoes. This kind of dish is better for sharing with a party of 4, than a party of 2. Anyways, it was hot, it was tasty, it was delicious!

Buffalo Wings
These were SPICY!  I ate about 3 wings and my mouth was on fire!!!  I assumed the wings weren’t going to be too spicy, because Disney food generally appeals to generic taste buds, but I was wrong.  All the ranch dressing in the world couldn’t put out the fire in my mouth.  So, take caution when eating these! The wings were very tasty though.

Final thoughts: The service was very good (top notch Disney service was expected of course), but the food took awhile to come out. I was fine with waiting a bit longer to have the food freshly prepared for me, than eating something under a heat lamp.   It sure tasted better than the hamburgers at the Disney resort.

Date visited:
November 2008

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